International co-operation

Uppsala University has about 500 co-operation agreements with universities in more than 50 countries. Agreements may cover co-operation on education as well as research, exchange of students, teachers, etc. These universal co-operation activities are not new and have often been based on the principle that the parties involved cover their own costs. The International Office at Uppsala University works within the following areas: policy and strategic development within international education; international co-operation and programmes; advice and services to faculty; information and services for incoming and outbound students.

However, there are other agreements on co-operation that are based on fees. Swedish universities are now allowed to charge tuition fees to third country students (from countries other than EU/EAA member states or Switzerland) and are also allowed to charge fees when providing services, courses and programmes to third country institutions including universities. These services, like education and training, can be provided either in Sweden or abroad. The Division for Contract Education is the body at central level at Uppsala University working with fee-based co-operation.


Our clients are government and non-government organisations as well as companies. However, we do not accept private individuals on our programs due to the Swedish regulation on higher education.

Among our clients: The Swedish Police, The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare,The Swedish Social Insurance Agency, The Swedish National Agency for Education, The Swedish National Courts Administration, Church of Sweden, various Swedish counties and municipalities, various companies, The Swedish Development Cooperation Agency and foreign government agencies.